Manufacturer selling hot 4,4'-Diaminodicyclohexyl methane

4,4'-Diaminodicyclohexyl methane is a colorless to light yellow liquid, which is an important chemical raw material with a wide range of uses. It can be used in textile, papermaking, artificial leather, and plastic processing; Used as raw materials for dyes and pharmaceutical intermediates; It is also a raw material for manufacturing amino acid esters, polyamide resins, epoxy resin curing agents, strong electrical insulation materials, magnetic tape adhesives, and so on.

4,4'-Diaminodicyclohexyl methane

Synonyms: 4,4'-Methylenebis(cyclohexylamine); Bis(4-aminocyclohexyl)methane

Molecular Formula: C13H26N2

Molecular Weight: 210.36

CAS Registry Number: 1761-71-3

EINECS: 217-168-8

Density: 0.96

Melting point: 60-65 ºC

Boiling point: 330-331 ºC

Purity: 99%