We recommend our new product 4-Cumylphenol to new and old customers.

2018-11-27 23:04:13 70

Today we introduce you to our company's important intermediates, 4-Cumylphenol, CAS NO.599-64-4, The purity 4-Cumylphenol is above 99.5%, The annual output of 4-cumylphenol is 300 tons. and the 4-Cumylphenol can be used for epoxy resin, polycarbonate molecular weight. It can be used as a modifier for phenolic resins and epoxy resins, as an antioxidant for plastics, lubricating oils, rubbers, etc. It can be used to produce alkylphenol-type nonionic surfactants. As a pesticide emulsifier application, it can also be used in the production of refined products such as fungicides and disinfectants.